Best Shoes for Standing All Day 2016: Buyer’s Guide

Taking advantage of the best shoes for standing all day long is probably one of the smartest decision and moves that anyone working on jobs that requires them to be on their feet for the greater part of the day can make. These shoes will not only help you stand and assume proper working posture, but will also help in the prevention of common foot injuries that may arise as a result of prolong standing sessions and also help prevent different kinds of work related hazards and accidents ranging from accidental slippage to stepping on live naked electrical cables (that’s for those that work in electrical sites).

Below we have carefully reviewed and featured some of the best and finest footwear that offer maximum support and cushioning effect to the feet.

best shoes for standing all day

Reviews of Best Shoes for Standing All Day

Dr. Martens 1461 3 Eye Gibson Lace Up

Dr. Martens 1461 Gibson Oxford Shoe

Dr. Martens 1461 3 Eye Gibson Lace Up footwear is one of the few options in standing footwear that offer optimum comfort and protection to the foot all day long. It is fabricated using very high grade leather that fights fungi invasion and infection and does not allows water or moisture to settle in to eventually damage the shoe. The shoe height promotes proper standing and work posture which helps to reduce pressure and stress around the knees, ankles and hips region. It has slip resistant outsole which makes it perfect for use in just about any work construction site.

Timberland Professional Women’s Renova Slip-On

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At the mention of Timberland I bet what immediately comes to light in the mind of many people is ‘boots’. Yes, Timberland has made a name for themselves in the boot industry and recently they seem to be doing same for shoe considered ideal for comfortable standing. A clear example of this is their Timberland Professional Women’s Renova Slip-On designed specifically for the ladies although there are also other designs for the guys as well.

The shoe features micro-suede upper with authentic leather material used in its construction. With this, the shoe is was designed to survive many years of rigorous daily usage thus giving you full value for money invested. Amongst other cool features that the shoe utilizes to keep your feet clean, well cushioned and supported throughout the day’s work is the special Anti-Fatigue Technology.

It also features Tri-Density foot bet that incorporates Outlast Adaptive Comfort that ensures that your feet are not overheating by maintaining just the right temperature. It also boast of SafeGrip outsole that ensures that you stand glue to the ground surface without any risk of accidental slipping off the ground and landing on your back and butt.

Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

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The Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe is designed to serve both as casual outing and well as formal outing footwear. It is an extremely comfortable shoe to wear thanks to its wide base and its great foot-bed capable of offering adequate support to the feet. The inside of the shoe features extra padding that helps to prevent and eliminate any chances blister occurrences.

Algeria Women’s Debra Slip-On

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The Algeria Women’s Debra Slip-On is one of the best choices out there that combine both looks and performance in one pack. The upper region of the shoe is designed and crafted with genuine authentic leather to ensure high quality and that it also last for a very long period of time. It features a sturdy foot-bed that makes use of memory foam to ensure that your feet receives maximum support and comfort. The outsole utilizes a rocker style to ensure that you maintain proper balance and flexibility while standing and working. This is one shoe that you should take more seriously especially for those that are concern with maintaining proper working posture balance.

Clarks Men’s Portland 2 Easy Slip-On

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The Clarks Men’s Portland 2 Easy Slip-On has a classic and professional looks and is also very comfy and snog on the feet. It utilizes Ortholite® footbed to provide maximum and adequate support and cushioning effect to the feet. It is an excellent choice for those looking to invest in footwear for flat feet. The authentic and genuine leather used in its construction and fabrication is highly breathable which helps prevent unnecessary sweating around the toes region which often lead to development of foul and offensive foot odor. It comes in a variety of wide width, extended sizes and also different styles and designs to meet different user’s preferences and needs.

New Balance Women’s WX626 Slip Resistant

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New Balance shoes have been recognized as one of the best slip resistant shoes producers in the industry that are used primarily for standing purposes. A clear example is their recent New Balance Women’s WX626 Slip Resistant. This particular WX626 model of new balance shoe has lots of amazing features that makes it come top on our list of top recommended shoes for standing purposes. For a start, it utilizes EVA foam that is soft enough to offer proper cushioning and shock absorbing effect and also strong and sturdy enough to support your weight for many working hours. The shoe upper area is designed and crafted with genuine authentic leather to ensure that it last longer and serve you better.

What Condition Calls for the Right Standing Shoes?

In addition to prolong standing, there are other conditions that requires the use of proper and ideal standing footwear and in this section, we will briefly examine some of those conditions and instances that requires the use of such footwear.

For certain kind of Jobs: some job and professions that requires workers to be on their feet for the greater part of the day is a clear example of instances that calls for this particular kind of footwear. Such jobs and professions includes; security officers, mechanics, factory workers, teachers, pharmacist and doctors including nurses and other medical practitioners.

Foot injuries: those that are facing or suffering from foot injuries are also required to take advantage of this kind of shoes to help speed up the healing process of the injury as well for prevention of its future reoccurrences.

Diabetes Patients: another group of people apart from those in a profession that requires them to be on their feet who need to take advantage of this type of shoes are those that have been diagnose to suffering from one type of diabetes or another. Medicare have approved some shoe brands such as new Balance shoes for use by those with such sickness to help prevent ulcer and different kinds of foot injuries.

Foot Protection: those working in areas littered with all kinds of objects are also required to take advantage of these shoes and safeguard their foot all kinds of possible injuries. There are comfortable work boots as well as safety work boots designed for use in safeguarding your foot from injuries in both electrical and mechanical work sites.

Overweight: another set of people that are prone to foot injuries and sprains are those suffering from overweight. Footwear like sneakers that are well cushioned and designed to absorb shock impact are recommended for such folks to help them avoid any foot injuries.

For Children: although this may sound strange but it is extremely important that you have you kids wearing comfy standing footwear since they are always either running, walking or playing and can easily get injured on the foot in the course of their running, playing or walking carelessly.

What Factor Should You Consider When Shopping for New Pairs?

The out sole: one factor that you can’t avoid to ignore when looking around the market places for the right footwear is the outsole. You must check to ensure that the outsole offer Slip Resistant Soles so that your foot will have a firm grip to the ground surface and prevent any chance of accidental slipping off the ground while working.

Synthetic and Rubber materials: these are great materials that are often used in the design and crafting of high quality and cozy footwear. It often come top on list of favorite materials for shoe making especially for those that have a thing against the use of animal products in the making different kinds of foot wears. Apart from that there are also some genuine reason why others prefer synthetic materials over genuine leather for the sole purposes of making shoes. One of such valid points is that rubber are great at keeping your foot neat and clean from dirt especially for those that work in swampy and water log areas. Another is that since they are poor conductor of electricity, they perform an excellent job of keeping you safe and secure from electrical shocks hazards.

Another plus to synthetics is the fact that they are dead easy to wash and clean after a day’s work. With just a soap and water, you can easily have them cleaned up in a matter of minutes and stored away for next time usage.

Heel and Arch Support: this is another important requisite that must be properly considered and weighed when shopping around for standing footwear. The right pairs usually will have just the right size of heel and arch support so that it can properly support and offer unparalleled comfort to the wearer. Footwear intended for standing purposes without heels tend to shift lots of tension to the feet and thus may result in some injuries. To ensure that your feet get maximum strength and support throughout the day’s work, it is paramount that the shoe you have provide the right amount arc support.

Padding: comfortable and supple padding is what immediately comes to mind when people reflect on what makes a perfect comfy foot wear. Properly padded footwear help in absorbing shocks that arises from step off and on hard concrete surfaces. One sure way that can help you determine if a shoe is well padded is by simply dipping your hand into the shoe and gently depressing the ball region to feel the padding effect. When choosing shoes, it is important that you only opt for the ones with just the right amount of padding as too much of it may also result in some complicated issues and problems.

Breathable: considering the fact that these kinds of shoe are constantly being worn for the greater part of the day, it thus becomes important and crucial that you opt for the ones that are well aerated and lightweight. A good example of breathable shoes are the white colored ones often seen on nurses foots with little tiny holes surrounding the toe region. The holes are there to help the foot breath well and to easily adjust to temperature variations in different rooms. Although this helps make your foot more comfortable, the more important thing here is that it helps prevent your foot from excessive sweating and also developing foul and unpleasant odor.

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