Best Shoes for Arthritis 2016 Buyer’s Guide

best Shoes for Arthritis

In addition to being awfully painful and agonizing, Arthritis is a body disease that develops over a time that if medical help is not sort early can become very devastating and often result in severe pains for just few inches of movement.

Arthritis sickness can broadly be grouped into two major kinds namely; the rheumatoid arthritis and the osteoarthritis. The osteoarthritis is a more common occurrences than the rheumatoid arthritis and is often induced by the gradual wear and tears of the ligaments and bone joints. This condition is exponential with aging and often lead to hindrances and difficulty in proper body movement.

The state which the human body immune system has deteriorated to that it can’t no longer function properly leading to the swelling of different body parts is what is usually and commonly referred to as rheumatoid arthritis. It is also known to affect critical body organs such as the liver, kidney including the heart.

In What Ways Can Footwear Designed for Arthritis Patients Help?

Arthritis is a sickness of the joints and as such, it therefore means that our walking, running, jumping and other forms of movement can greatly be hindered and hampered since they are made possible in the first place by the movement of different joints within the body. If that is the case, then making use of special footwear (like the best shoes for standing all day) that are specifically designed for people suffering from this kind of sickness can really be of great help in the following ways;

  • By providing adequate support and cushion to the inflamed joints
  • They are also known to help in aiding proper joint and knee movement
  • Since Arthritis patients are known to apply lots of pressure around the heel region, making use of specialty shoes for such sickness can help cushion those pressure

Reviews of Some of the Best Shoes for Arthritis

In this section, we have surfed popular and top trusted online stores looking for nothing but the finest and well-designed footwear to aid and assist those suffering from the Arthritis sickness. In the following paragraphs, we summarize our findings in a simple to understand format.

New Balance Men’s MW577 Leather Hook/Loop Walking Shoe

best shoes for rheumatoid arthritis

The New Balance Men’s MW577 Leather Hook/Loop Walking Shoe is a nice and comfortable shoe that is designed for used not only for those with arthritis feet but also for those with normal and healthy feet looking for comfy footwear capable of providing their feet with maximum support and comfort including protection from possible foot injuries.

Features of New Balance Men’s MW577

It is designed and fabricated using authentic and genuine leather that is super soft and cozy thus very handy in providing support and cushioning effect to Arthritis patients.

It is fabricated with synthetic sole that is ultra-light in weight as a result doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on the feet.

Starting from the arch region, the shaft of the Men’s MW577 measures approximately 2 inches which help add an extra layer of comfort to those folks with inflamed toes and fingers including others with heel complications.

Out of the box, the shoe is designed for maximum shock absorption thanks to its fully cushioned collar.

Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic

best shoes for knee arthritis

The Rockport brand is definitely a force in the shoe industry to reckon with when it has to do with top brands known for decades to be consistent in churning out high quality men’s footwear. The Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic is one amongst the many models of their highly rated men’s footwear designed for those with and without feet injuries. Some of the great features and attributes of this particular footwear wear from Rockport are highlighted below.

Features of Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic

Just like other brands of shoes reviewed above, this one is also designed and fabricated using authentic and genuine leather material. The leather is super supple and soft that wearer will barely notice that there is a footwear on the feet

It deploys a synthetic outsole which ensures firm and secure grip on the ground surface thus eliminating any chance of accidental slippage off the ground

The overall looks and feels of the shoe makes it super ideal for both casual and formal outings

As already hinted above, it is super lightweight thus very ideal for those with Arthritis injuries as it doesn’t add any extra weight to their feet

It is designed to provide maximum support, cushioning effect and extra protection to the wearer thanks to its well-padded tongue and collar

Skechers Sport Men’s Energy Fix up Oxford

The following features of Skechers Sport Men’s Energy Fix up Oxford are what makes it top on the list of recommended shoes for both those foot injuries as well as those just seeking sung and great support footwear for feet injuries prevention.

Features Of Skechers Sport Men’s Energy Fix up Oxford

It is designed and constructed using a combination of genuine leather and synthetic materials to make sure that it still remain highly comfortable to the feet even after wearing and standing in it for an extended period of time.

The mere fact that it’s a completely manmade and imported footwear hints of the great quality and care invested into its corners and contour design and construction work

The shoe does an exceptional work of ensuring that the feet remains evenly tight and compact at the same time eliminating the risk of exerting excessive pressure on the joints and thumbs of the feet thanks to its distinctive and exceptional Velcro closure.

Its design can easily accommodate folks with Arthritis feet injuries. So if you have wide feet and often have a hard time finding shoes that fits perfectly well you might want to give the Skechers Sport Men’s Energy Fix up Oxford a close scrutiny as it might just be what you need.

Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On Walking Shoes

In our reviews of ideal Arthritis footwear, we have reserved the best for the last! A lot of male folks that have suffered from different forms of Arthritis have reported finding comfort and relief as a result of making use of the Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On Walking Shoes. It is designed specially with the Arthritis patient in mind and as such has some great features and attributes that helps in reducing and reliving their pains and agonies.

Features of Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On

Because of the high quality and authentic leather used in its design and fabrication, it does an excellent job of eliminating unnecessary pressure on the feet.

One of the reasons why this footwear comes highly recommended for those suffering from Arthritis is its chiseled manmade outsole.

Its 1.25 inches heel height make it super ideal for those people that have been identified to have issue with heels while or when walking short and long distances.

The shoe is super-light weight and does this without sacrificing quality in any area including the inner and outer regions thanks to its unique Zero G features

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